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You've missed MS Ignite 2020? Don't worry!

kaysauter profile image Kay Sauter ・1 min read

Yes, while some webcasts of MS Ignite are not recorded or published after the event, some are!

Even if you are a beginner developer, I really can recommend MS Ignite every year because it showcases a lot of ideas that might inspire you in your daily work. I personally try to follow MS Ignite every year because it is delivering so much content you can learn from. I also try to follow Twitterverse during that time because during those days the community is buzzing more than it normally does!

If you don't have the time, just crawl some through some of the videos on YouTube or check the slides on the GitHub.

Make sure that you visit those sites again in the next few days because according to my experience, Microsoft is going to upload sessions one after one in the next few days.

Have fun and enjoy the sessions!

I'd like to thank a lot to everybody who somehow contributed to Microsoft Ignite 2020!

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