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Discussion on: When did you stop thinking of yourself as a junior/newbie?

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Kostas Bariotis

The first time I was assigned to build an entire web application for a real company who they were actually expecting to get money back from the product I was about to build.

I haven't even finished my BsC yet. I was lucky though to have a PM that was actually very gentle with me and even on times that I was screwing up, he always had my back. That project took a few months to complete but the company discontinued it after some time. I then learned that they built it just to get some government funds so they weren't really up to make it a business.

Nevertheless, that was the moment I realized I couldn't just play anymore, I had to pull my self together, read my ass off, work harder to meet the requirements, build great products for people that are willing to trust me with their businesses. Most importantly, I learned how to respect the craft, or art if you will, of programming.

Aw man, I have a lot more to write. It's such a big subject and I truly believe that people think of this a lot, especially newcomers to this job.

I need to organize my thoughts more, thanks for the great question. 😎

DISCLAIMER: I am still trying hard to think of my self as a junior. I am learning new stuff every day, just like 5 years and 10 years ago.

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Erick Kiiya

I am at this point myself got paid to build an entire system by why own. Hope I don't dissapoint.