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Hi all,

I'm a web developer on the Northern California coast. I've been employed in this field for a little over a year now, but have been studying programming and doing freelance work off-and-on for about 13 years. I prefer working on the back-end, but do front-end work as well. My latest challenges are learning how to build custom Shopify stores and writing Shell scripts to keep all of our sites backed-up and up-to-date.

I love to travel, and am going to try out being a digital nomad for a month, while traveling solo through 9 countries in SE and NE Asia. I leave mid-March!

I've been on this site for a few weeks now, and have learned a lot from the articles. I especially appreciate the "career" articles, as they have helped me think through my own career, where I want to be, and how to get there.

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