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Nevertheless, Kim Davis Coded

Kim Davis
I enjoy writing code, especially when it is related to servers and databases, and am always willing to take on a new challenge or language.
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I've been one of the lucky ones. Rarely have I had to fight for equality or fight to achieve what is often handed to men.

More often than not, men (and women) have come along side me and pushed me forward in the several male-dominated fields I have chosen to spend my life pursuing. This is something I will be forever grateful for, because I know that many women have had vastly different experiences than I have.

My challenge for you all, this International Women's Day, is that you do the same for the women in your lives. Push them forward as they strive to achieve their dreams. Believe in them, trust them, give them opportunities that others may not, challenge them in ways that will force them to grow. You may never know the difference you might make in a woman's life.

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