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It's here!

The new release of Calm Cloud has arrived! With new season and weather environments the gamified lifestyle stress-reduction app is better than ever!

This one was a long haul to create, but well worth the effort, especially if its being out in the world helps people. We're all running with a constant underlying level of stress lately, so I created Calm Cloud to try to help diffuse some of those worries.

It features a creature called a cloud kitty, who is named Zen, a friendly little interior environment, and an outdoor garden where you can grow, water, and harvest plants! It also has some practical features like reminders, a list of calming/productive activities, a thankfulness journal, and an area to collect photos of some of your favorite things (like in the song from The Sound of Music).

Throughout there are calming ambient sounds and fun interactive pieces, such as lights that turn on and off, playable music, toys that move, and more. Further updates will be coming to Calm Cloud in time! If you'd like to keep up with its commits you can see the code on GitHub here! ✨

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