Why Bootstrap?

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Bootstrap is important, not just to myself but to developers worldwide because of the vast library it contains. No longer do you have to define and create your own classes. Classes are now imported as long as Bootstrap is linked and called on any element to style it.

CSS is not required in order to use Bootstrap styles. The styles come from the imported library. I wonder if you can combine the two though, it would only make sense. What if you like the style Bootstrap has, but have some CSS code of your own that you can implement?

With Bootstrap, scaffolding is much simpler, although I enjoy the CSS process of scaffolding. Buttons are a breeze with Bootstrap, alliteration anyone?
Bootstrap also facilitates the use of tables, typography, colors, pagination, drop-downs, forms, navigation bars and even carousel of images!


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I also like bootstrap, but my favorite thing to do is use bootstrap classes with my own classes, (Al thought I haven´t do it a lot, just chaging some colors and some margins ) It gives the website an unique touch.


Definitely doing this!..


What if you want to change the layout of your site without editing the HTML?


I've been pondering on this... mind you I am relatively new to this, but here it goes. The way I see it, to change the layout of a site without editing the HTML, one would have to style it through CSS. If some styling has been done through HTML, perhaps it can be overdid by the important tag in CSS. Another possibility that came to mind, is that it cannot be done. Some change would have to take place, as minimal as it may be. For example, when scaffolding with Bootstrap, perhaps the only change that need take place is in the class that is called "col--".


That's my biggest problem with all these non-semantic frameworks. You have to edit things in two places, and you have to mix content with layout.