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20 Amazing Developers You Should Follow To Improve

Website developers that will teach you everything you need to know for HTML, CSS and JS. These creators do videos on frontend, backend, databases, cloud servers and much more. If you want to learn anything from React, Angular, Vue or even NodeJS, Mongo, AWS and much more, there are great people to follow here.

  1. Ben Awad

  2. The Coder Coder

  3. Brad Traversy

  4. Dev Ed

  5. Florin Pop

  6. Fireship IO

  7. Danny Thompson

  8. The Net Ninja

  9. Niall Maher

  10. William Candillon

  11. developerHabits

  12. Tim

  13. Gary Simon

  14. James Q Quick

  15. Weibenfalk

  16. Kevin Powell

  17. Dennis Ivy

  18. codeSTACKr

  19. Chris Sean

  20. Erik

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