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Hi, this only works in node or something like that? When I tried to reproduce the first example in Vanilla JS, always say the same error: SyntaxError: Cannot use import statement outside a module


To add to it ...the goal of import/export is to allow you to split your JS into separate files. To bring it back together, you need a module bundler (ie. Webpack or gulp) to join all the files together. The end result is one giant JS file. And that's the file you can use in your HTML.

In non dev terms, think of it as a kitchen. It's split into different workstations (why? because everyone can focus on what they're good it and is more efficient). And then there's the chef that puts everything together (think Gordon Ramsay lol). That chef is the module bundler. And she/he makes sure the dish is all combined so the customer can eat it. Hope this makes sense 😄


ES6 import module only works in transpiler like webpack. The support for node is currently in experimental stage.


Yup you got it! Thanks for chiming and helping with the answer @brianwfl88 👍


You meant to say 'like babel', because webpack is a bundler.

In this instance because the files are all in modules, you will need a bundler like webpack or even gulp to join them all together 🙂

i explain it here a bit more >

Ah got it! I’ll also adjust my notes, thanks for the clarification 🙂

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