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27/2 - Packages, Packages, Packages (& snake)

I had a package update frenzy this week, release 6(six) package updates. uSync(v9.2.0), uSync.Complete(v9.2.0), uSyncTriggers, Translations Manager v9.0.5, BackOffice Themes and Maintenance Manager. So that took up quite a bit of my time, but now everything is shiny ⭐ again.

Maintenance mode is fun because it uses middleware to intercept the requests and delivers its templates to Umbraco via a Razor class library.

The middleware stuff is really interesting and I am wondering what cool uses we can put that too elsewhere (uSync.Complete for example uses middleware to increase the MaxRequestSize on certain api calls).

Razor class libraries are probably the future of Umbraco package deployments - we just have to work out how (there is a uSync branch that would deliver the files via a RCL, once I've tested it a bit more. it might become the release).

I've also started poking around with Umbraco 10 (very early dev stages) mainly to get a heads up on any breaking changes that may effect packages, so far not many, but I haven't looked at the impact of the moving of IScopeProvider yet.

Teaching code to the boy having gone through the Unity Learn, and Learn dotnet sites in the last few years we've circled back on to the Coding Train youtube channel. This week we did a snake game is Javascript. Game development is always fun.

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Lee Kelleher

re: Umbraco 10 (.NET 6) - I've done the same for Contentment, minimal changes in .NET 6 (so far), so will keep with multi-targeting it for Umbraco v8/v9/v10. Unless if there's a last minute surprise big-bang new backoffice UI revealed for v10. πŸ˜…