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Hi all,

I'm Kevin, a computational biologist / postdoctoral researcher with a passion for open source software development, automation, and DevOps.

My day to day work involves workflows made of R, Python and Bash, but I've also worked with web-technologies like NodeJS and React, and C# and the .NET framework.

I love hearing about new technologies!


Hi Kevin! What sort of work do you do as a computational biologist?


I work with big data that lab scientists generate from biological samples. Those can come from hospital patients or lab experiments on cell and bacteria. A lot of the time, that means comparing healthy and diseased tissues and cells to identify genes and proteins that are altered during diseases like inflammation or infection.

For that I use mostly open source software such as R and Python packages to write scripts and workflows that I run on high-performance computing clusters, to parallelise the processing of samples on as many cores as I can.

Additionally, I particularly enjoy refactoring, testing, and documenting the code that I write for my project, to openly distribute it with other academics who can use it in their own work, but also contribute back to my repositories like I do with theirs, making software easier to use and more efficient for everyone!


Awesome to see some Scientists around here! Welcome :)

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