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Hello. I have some fantastic news. I was recently offered a software engineering internship. I am expecting to start on the 9th. I hope to post more about my experiences in my internship and what I'm learning.

I am still trying to work on my checkerboard Android application using Kotlin. I'm having issues moving the pieces so that they fit in the grid in the appropriate places. For some reason, every JPG picture of a checker piece I put on the board is pushed to the top left corner. Clicking and dragging to the spot I want to put the piece in doesn't help. Changing the row and column doesn't help, either. I'm assuming it has something to do with the overall layout, but I'm not familiar with Android layouts.

I will update on the app when I find a solution. However, I plan to work on polishing my C++ skills for the internship. The job relies more on C++, so I want to make sure everything I can do with Kotlin and Java, I can do with C++. I also want to make sure I perfect pointers because pointers are very important in C++.

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