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What I Learned

Today I will discuss briefly what I learned during my first few days of my internship. I will try to keep things vague so as not to discuss company trade secrets. If I am wrong in anything, please correct me so I can learn the right things.

I learned about controllers, storage boxes and servers. I've learned about initiators and target devices as well as the SAS protocol. I learned the history of protocol advancements. Parallel ATA was the first, then came SATA, then SCSI, then finally SAS. I learned about firmware and drivers. I learned about backplanes, expanders, cooker boards and VSMs. I learned about SDKs and platforms.

In my next post, I hope to talk more about the things I learn. I hope to eventually play with the hardware, write some C++ code, and encounter some challenges to talk about. For now, I'm mainly learning about the company's products and about the field.

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Md Nabil Ahsan

Domain knowledge is pretty critical because you want to be aware of how your products are used. I personally use it as a motivation to work harder.

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Thank you for sharing, Md. I am currently learning about how the domains are managed in our SAS fabric. My company has some tutorial videos that I've been watching. I've also been talking with employees about our products, the terminology, and the processes used. I still have a lot to learn, but I am constantly motivated to learn more every time I encounter an unknown word or process.