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Thank you it was very interesting !
Do you plan to write an article similar to this one but with Linux distributions please ? :D


They are all more identical than people make them out to believe, in my opinion at least. I use Debian on servers because it is solid and reliable and I know it well, and I just put Manjaro on a HP Spectre I was about to throw against the wall; we will see how that goes.

Stick to something mainstream unless you have specific needs. You'll be able to get better support. Most distros allow you to create a Live USB stick so you can boot it up and play around and quickly veto it.


TLDR: If you're a developer maintaining a sophisticated development stack, better stick to Ubuntu. If you are not, try experimenting with all the top distros in distrowatch until you realize you want to stick with Manjaro ;)

kidding, you can't go wrong with any of the big names actually. keep exploring!


Haha yes you're right I will need to try all these distros :D

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