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Discussion on: Why do I think Dot NET is Better Than Java?

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Karl Heinz Marbaise

The modification of the programming language is not the point. The point is the compatibility between distributions which is fixed by the TCK which needed to be licensed by signing ( which makes sure to have the Java implementation (OpenJDK) is compatible with the other implementations. Furthermore is makes sure that an individual can not change existing code which would break compatibility which makes sense).

Furthermore the link reference to
does not tell something about a commercial license needed to make an OpenJDK...

That is, the OCTLA is for individuals and organizations who are working in and contributing to the OpenJDK Community, with OCTLA tested implementations from such individuals and organizations distributed only under the GPL license of the OpenJDK code.

Also this makes sure the code is distributed under GPLv2 otherwise I could create something and later say I want money (license fee) for the change(feature) I(whoever) made...

The example given is the IBM J9 which is a JDK which is implemented completely different but is conforms to TCK...and for that the commercial licensed is needed.

The part about Goold vs. Oracle was/is about changes Google want to make for Android (

So in the end there is no difference in using AdoptOpenJDK, Corretto etc. which are consuming patches for security bug fixes etc.