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Discussion on: Can I contribute to open source projects ?

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Zane Milakovic

Don’t wait, start.

You are new, but your not useless.

Here are some quick tips to get started.

  1. If language is your strong suite, start by reading and updating docs. This gets you in the process of submitting a PR. In most cases you should file a feature request or a bug before hand, and create a PR for those. The benefit of this is that you give the community a chance to weigh in, while you build you fix/feature.

  2. Many repos will label/tag issues with “help-wanted” and “good first issue”. The good first issue is the item that is typically easier, and good for junior developers or developers new to the code base.

  3. Create small packages for fun and put out into the open source community. Less about contributing to someone else’s and more about just getting in the habit of building a open source portfolio.

  4. Not all repos are code. Some are “awesome” lists where you can submit a PR to add too.

  5. Join a discord channel for a community you want to participate in. The real time nature when it’s done rate, makes it a lot clearer when you can help. Sometimes it’s not code, but discussion.

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Killian Frappart Author

Thank you for this clear and exhaustive answer to my question!

That helps me a lot 🙏