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What I learned streaming about Azure

Hanging out with Lizzie, talking community and learning about Microsoft Azure #GreatHairCodeShare

Today I got to hang out with one of my favorite people in devrel - @lizziepika from Twilio and talk about some of my favorite things - devrel, Canada 🍁, webapps, and more!

To recap what we talked about:

  • rethink and redefine hackathons

  • the shift to digital - can you still capture your goals (for events, communities, etc.) and how you rethink community

  • communities mean different things to different people

  • not that much difference between junior and senior devs - you're always going to need to learn new things

  • communication, communication, communication - no matter what role you have, you need to know how to express yourself, how to convey a message so learning those skills are important

  • overusing the exclamation mark!

  • Twilio Signal event from last year - favorite parts, attending as a Twilio Champion, being developer focused, developer energy, impactful and diverse projects

Group of Twilio champions and scholarship winners
it me :)

And then I went into a demo for Azure Static Web Apps which I will write a separate blog post (blog post here) to go through the steps I took! But to summarize:

Alt Text

** update ** here is the blog post walkthrough is here :

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