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How I demonstrated a Growth Mindset recently

Hello! I am Kevin KIMENYI. I am from Rwanda and I am currently studying at the University of Rwanda/Nyarugenge campus. My personal interests are mostly digital designing. I also like to paint on canvas when I am free. However, I spend most of my free time designing using software like Photoshop, Microsoft Design(Publisher), etc. Furthermore, like many students, I like listening to music and watch movies.

To begin with, growing enthusiasm for hard work and determination aiming for success was not a short process for me as I am going to discuss. Before applying for Andela’s Program, my work as a student on holidays was only designing and going out with friends as well as other fun activities. Luckily, these holidays are not going to be the same. When I first heard of Andela, I made a detailed research about the company and decided to put design and so much fun aside for a while and start a serious coding career. For that very reason, I decided to apply without delay.

I am studying Software Engineering but my coding experience is pretty narrow. I have never done serious projects. As soon as I got an E-mail to attend Andela’s Bootcamp, I started working hard as if I was learning starting from scratch. I got to work on a project called Free Mentor Project, and the first challenge is to make User Interface (UI) with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. My experience to make UI is not very impressive but I am pretty sure I am good enough to make good UI as I am familiar with designing.

The above project is not entirely programming related because the instructions says to make good UI that will be able to work in all devices, and also use GIT WorkFlow along with Github. Honestly, it was my first time to hear about responsiveness. For the first time, I made a homepage for UI. When I felt like I was done, one of my colleagues challenged me with reducing browser, then I realised that all my contents were not in a clear arrangement. This issue was so hard for me to fix. I started taking tutorials like I did not have any knowledge of CSS. I also started to work hard, wake up a little bit earlier and sleep later. With this strategy, I was able to fulfil my task. Imagine how I was able to learn CSS, HTML, JavaScript and also make the assigned project in three weeks.

Finally, I started making some functionality platforms for the first time in my life. The second challenge was to make APIs for challenge one. I started building a project in JavaScript by using Nodejs Technically. I like to learn a new thing by doing it in action. That is why I took a step to build instead of taking a long-time learning JavaScript and Nodejs. I thought it would take me like a year to be able to work on a project. But when I started to learn and put in action, it was possible to think logically on how a task can be implemented and also make research on how to do it technically.

To some up, Using Git and Github was for my first time. I tried my best to work with it while continuing learning. The two challenges I got for these last two weeks made me

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