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My Experience working on Andela's-Kigali-Cycle-10 challenge one Until now

Hello! I'm Kevin Kimenyi. I heard Andela Last year August 2018, when Company first launched in Rwanda. I was a student at the University of Rwanda/Nyarugenge Campus in Computer and Software Engineering until now. I didn't Apply that time because I was out of Kigali, it was hard for me to get the internet. Most people don't know information on working on Andela's challenge, that why I decide to share with you some experience working on the challenge in Andela's Kigali in Rwanda.

First, let's look at the structure of the Challenge I'm working on still continue until on 16th, September 2019.
My application started at the end of June 2019. on 6th, July 2019 I received the first E-mail to study HomeStudy Curriculum provided by Andela and also got a link to start the Javascript challenge That was the first challenge I got from Andela and also was my first time working on javascript. you think how is my first time when I am a student in faculty of computer and software Engineering, yeah you are right but most time I got the assignments in other programming languages and also it was the first time I got worker need me to make a lot of research, I started working on it without any knowledge about Javascript programming language. believe me, for the first time I kicked out a challenge and got another E-mail to continue to other Andela's-Kigali-cycle-10 challenges. another challenge was to work on a simple program and multiple choose. this challenge took me 6hours on machine only working on a challenge. it was hard right? for me, it was simply because I want to get on my way and also fulfill my dream. I believe my journey with Andela will make me become a senior developer.

So, let continue with another challenge I got that helped me to pass an interview. I got an E-mail to contain two challenge, one for making a simple calculator in javascript and other was to make palindrome of string (palindrome means to take a word and make the reverse of its characters after continue to look like before for example: omo). So, I choose to work on a simple calculator. I didn't have an idea of how to start, it took me two days for first to perform one operator but I after it was very very simple, to become developer doesn't mean to know all programming languages, all you need is to start and work hard if it doesn't work try again until you find out. After I performed one functionality others became simple it took me a few hours to finish all a calculator. other thing was to choose time for an interview I picked the first one because I want to make it fast.

My Lord helped a lot I passed an interview that was part I feared a lot and I believe my Lord will continue to be with me on my path. finally, I got an e-mail to invite me to the Bootcamp. the project is to make Free-Mentor, the first task on this project is to make UI(user interface) and the rest is for their functionality(API). To start UI was hard for me because I was not familiar with HTML and CSS. to make Homepage took me 3days to make it responsiveness for all device but when I finally made it, others were so easy as I told before to start is hard but when you figure out. programming is very good to do it. when I was working on UI I meet with some problems because it was my first time using GIT and GITHUB. but I tried to use some tutorials and also ask friends for help. Now I can integrate working my project with GIT and GITHUB.

That's it. As I told to start is hard but when you get into filled it is simple, all you need is to work hard and hard when it doesn't work try again and again.
For me, I reduced the time to sleep and increase my time to work. Thanks for reading the all story

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