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Started to learn HTML/CSS, then JS, now I'm just overwhelmed. Please help.

After learning the basics of the languages I listed above, I decided to try and expand my knowledge of web development. When I started doing my research I was just overwhelmed by the vast amount of.. Stuff.

Angular? Rust? SQL? PHP? Node? React? Bash? Ruby? What the fuck?

What are any of these? Where do I start? Why are there so many? What else am I missing? How can I possibly learn all of this? Seriously... what?

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Katie Nelson

I'm in the save situation. I went from HTML/CSS/JavaScript to beginning Angular. Then I have been asked to look at the ASP.NET web API part in C# that uses SQL. So much all at once, it's baffling.

I'm taking it slow and in pieces, reading a lot of sample code online, copying down small projects and stepping through to analyze them. At night, I might spend some time reading through docs or tutorials. (Not what I consider a fun evening.)

This is what works for me. You might find something different for yourself.