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another programming language to learn

Okai Yeboah
byte != 8 bits
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Often you will hear this from developers saying they have to learn this new programming language. They usually ignore what the programming language can actually help them accomplish and just get into it because everyone is using it. Even though large programming language ecosystem provides great support. Knowing a programming language is not enough but building applications with the programming language is the real deal.

A programming language is a tool which will help you build software applications as we all know. Knowing the kind of software application you want to build will help you in choosing the right tool for the job. Whenever you want to learn a new programming language take your time and research on what you can build with that programming language you want to choose.

But most importantly knowing the basic concepts of the programming language will not make it hard for you to learn a new programming language. Basic concepts such as variables, control structures, data structures, algorithms, syntax and tools can be applied in all programming languages out there. So master the basic concepts with the programming language you are comfortable with. And if you’re starting please don’t pick a programming language because everyone is using it but pick the language because you want to build a software application with it.

Thank you for your time reading this! See you next time.

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Great article worth reading

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Great piece. You just adviced me. Thanks