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Error fixing and Debugging React Native as a job

Have been working with React Native Intensively for about a year and half now. Everyone conversant with the React ecosystem, especially React Native must acknowledge having made terms with the Mountain lump of errors that may arise in the process.
Most of these errors always arise due to the limitations that the React native bridge has in porting Javascript modules with/to native modules. Many times I've had myself trans night trying to look up a solution at GitHub, StackOverflow to no avail, this is always the least you want to see happening as a freelancer working under strict datelines and for a client who might not really get what the whole process entails.
So today I set out to offer a quick solution by offering to debug as a service. Mainly Targeting React and React Native issues/errors, which might include writing own custom native modules to port to the React side of the app successfully, this isn't really a bug, but a good recipe for the strenuous bugs.
I know there exist some people already doing this, but I want to dedicate myself to the venture with the aim of honing my skills further and prepare adequately for future projects.
If you use React/React Native often. You can show some love by saving my gig [] so you can easily reach out upon need.

Thanks for the read, please leave your comments and feedback below.

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