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Kiran Capoor
Kiran Capoor

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Hello to all at!

Founder, developer and innovator at Texmith.

Assisted MSCI in saving 400 man hours by designing an automation system, which was then implemented by eClerx at the organisational level.

Python and technology are my passion. Designing, building and implementing solutions is something that I have done since my teenage years.

Pokemon Go was a newly launched game by Google & Niantic, during my teenage years. We had to walk miles to catch a single imaginary/virtual Pokémon, collect items etc. Being the lazy person that I was, to avoid walking to the United States to catch a rare Pokémon, I developed a simple hack using Python. This hack allowed my in-game character to walk a thousand miles a day and catch all the Pokémon, from the comfort of my bedroom.

My passion for technology stems from the concept on which Python is built - “Simple is better”.

My team and I assisted Intelak, an Emirates company, in redesigning and implementing a B2B focused User interface with a fluid and rich User experience. We have assisted Amazingworkplaces, an initiative by BrandRecall, during the early days of launch with their marketing and web based platform.

For many years now, we have designed and implemented solutions ranging from a simple Website to High Complexity Systems like a CRM, and E-commerce Web App, built complete IT ecosystems on AWS, Heroku etc.

Currently we are working to bring a Simple Email Marketing tool into the market. A simple tool to help assist in your daily needs of email marketing, lead generation, customer engagement and much more all under a simple and easy to use Interface.

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Adrian Emil Grigore

Hi Kiran! 🎈

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Kiran Capoor Author