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Python and its Frameworks

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Hello all,
I have received a lot of emails and messages regarding python and its Framework. So I decided to write a small blog on it.

Python is one of the famous and broadly utilized programming dialects. It is because of the explanation, it gives an assortment of systems to web advancement, game turn of events, GUI, work area application, and some more. In this part of the Python instructional exercise, you will come to think about well-known systems of Python. Due to its use cases, the demand for Python Course is increasing like never before.

The top three python frameworks are:


Qt is one of the most popular libraries for cross-platform development. It is the main graphical library for the KDE desktop. There have several licenses available with the main ones being for commercial and open-source use. If your application is commercial i.e. closed-source then you must pay for a license to use it. If the application is open source then you can use the GPL license; however, you will be unable to commercialize your program without upgrading the license.
It contains a graphical layout utility that permits the user to drag & drop graphical widgets for quick design of the interface. On the other hand, the developer can hand code the interface layout. It also supports non GUI features containing SQL database access, network support, XML parsing. It is written in C++ but python binding is available via PyQt.


GTK represents the GIMP Tool Kit which is made for the advancement of GIMP picture programming. GTK+ formed into the graphical library that controls the GNOME work area. Gadgets are essential to structure squares of a GUI application.

GTK+ is open source under the GPL permit. At the point when Qt was chosen to control the KDE work area then Trolltech had a restrictive permit for it. Since it conflicts with the free Software idea, GTK was made to allow individuals to utilize the GNOME work area and GTK applications as open-source programming.

GTK doesn't basically have an inherent drag and drop interface anyway the wxGlade utility gives this usefulness. The first GTK was written in C though GTK+ is written in C++ utilizing OOP practices and PyGTK is the Python restricting for GTK+.


It is a Python restricting to the Tk GUI toolbox. Tk is the default GUI library for Python improvement because of its expansion in the center Python language. It is the first GUI library for the Tcl language. The Tkinter toolset is very restricted however it is not difficult to get the hang of making it construct basic GUI programs in Python.

It has three underlying format chiefs:

Pack calculation administrator – Manage gadgets in vertical and level boxes

Framework math director – Put gadgets in a two-dimensional network

Spot calculation administrator – Put gadgets on their compartments utilizing supreme situating.

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