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Kiran S Baliga
Kiran S Baliga

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Learn DSA with LeetCode

Data Structures and Algorithms is one of the most important concept that you should be thorough with regardless of which language you code.

Every interviewer is going to ask you questions on the same.
From Competitive Coding to Software development.. You are going to stumble upon Data Structures.


And I noticed a lot of my classmates including myself was weak in DSA. Hence this blog is to learn DSA by spending not more than 20 mins per day

I tried various websites to practice coding problems and I found leetcode very convenient and best for this purpose.

Before you dive into it make sure you are clear with the following basic concepts-

  • Basic Arithmetic and logical Operations
  • Loops
  • Logical conditions
  • Functions
  • Classes

You can find a large collection of tutorials and YouTube videos about these topics in the web.


leetcode offers daily challenges which we will be solving and will also discuss the concepts of the same.

The aim is to complete daily challenges regularly and the best part is you only need to spend about 20 mins a day🥳🥳.

So lets start!


click on the above link to follow to my GitHub repository for an interactive python notebook and solved LeetCode challenges and concepts.

So what you waiting for?
Come on seize this opportunity!!

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