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Why should you not use your host for sending emails? – A complete guide!


Most of the WordPress comes up with a built-in feature which helps to send out emails using PHP’s mail function. There is a lot of third-party plugins that allows you to run a fully functional email campaign which can send thousands of Emails at one go.

There is no harm using the following plugins but in generals, there are a lot of flaws in the configuration of the plugins. So, it is required that you set up the configuration of the plugins in the right way such that the performances of the campaigns are improved so that you can easily hit the inbox of your customers.

So, in the article today we are going to explain why you should not use your host for sending reasons. The list of reasons has been mentioned below:-

  • Email lists and delay

Most of the hosting providers have limited the number of emails that you can send in one go.

There might be a scenario where newsletter script or plugin might queue the outgoing emails and there can be a possibility that something can go wrong and the outgoing email queue might not even process as well.

If you have created a large email list, then your host can consider as spam and perhaps the abuse of the services being used.

On the other side of the coin, if you are using the services of a good email marketing campaign provider, then you won’t have to worry about the limitations at all.

These providers have server present all across the globe using which users send thousands of emails in a day. In addition, they have flexible plans that you can use effectively as per your need once your email list grows.

  • Ease of use

Various email service providers such as Aweber help you to create and send emails to your customers in a hassle free way. They come up with great tools that are very convenient to use and perhaps help you to create your emails effectively.

In addition, they come up with API integration that can be quite useful for connecting the email list that you might be having to various WordPress plugins such as forms, OptinMonster etc.

If you run your own email campaigns using your host, then you are most likely to miss out on the following features that are provided by these tools. In additions, by the use of the following tools, you would be able to save your time as well as efforts effectively and conveniently and perhaps use the time that is saved into some other productive works.

  • Cost-effectiveness

Some of people think that if they are running an email campaign using their own host, then they are perhaps saving their money. But the matter of fact is that they are consideredwrong.

You would have to spend a lot of time configuring the plugin which would you can indeed save by using a good email service provider. You can certainly make more money out of the time that you would save.

Moreover, there are a lot of email service providers that can provide the service free of cost for a long period of time. Using the free trial, you can set upthe campaign and perhaps start with the collection of emails. By the time your subscription ends, the email list would be providing great value for money to you.

  • Compliance issues

Email marketing campaigns can be huge and so can be spam. In order, to deal with the spamemail marketing service provider as well as ISPs has introduced new requirements, legislation as well as protocols.

So, when you would be using the email marketing campaign, then you won’t have to worry about all the things that have been mentioned above. The email service providers make sure that your campaign is successful and perhaps your emails reach your customer’sinbox.

In addition, if you are using your host for sending email campaigns, then you are less likely to know about the trending things that aretaking place in the world of email spam protection.

  • Analysis and stats

If you are taking the services of a professional email service provider, then they would offer you integrated analytics as well as stats regarding the email campaigns that are taking place.

Using the stats, you would easily be to know the number of emails that have been hit in theinboxof the user, number of emails that have been opened by the users as well as the clicks that you may have received from the user. This can potentially help you to adjust and improve your campaigns in the right direction.

When you would be sending our emails using your host, then there is no way out through which you could know about the number of emails that have been opened by the users as well as the clicks being received from the user.

In addition, you would have to spend a lot of time so that you are able to integrate Google analytics intoyour campaign. After integration as well, you may not get the desired result as the data that you would get would be limited.

One of the other good reasons to use an email service provider is the fact that they offer very good analysis as well as diagnostic tools. Using the set of tools, you would be able to check the performance of your email campaigns. In addition, if your emails are flagged as spam, then it would point out the reason why the emails are being triggered as spam.

  • Reliability

When you send out email campaigns using your host and perhaps WordPress and PHP as the mail function, then your emails are most likely to be marked as spam.

There are a lot of reasons why email providers such as Gmail, Yahoo etc. make the email as spam. They might look at the suspicious words, behaviour as well as phrases before ruling out the emails spam.

The email providers also have spam catching tools and they may look out for your IP address. If you are using shared WordPress hosting, then it may be used by other websites as well. If any of the people abuses on the server, then it can get triggeredand perhaps the spam catching tools may deem it as spam.

In addition, there are a lot of other factors that resultin getting the emails marked and it can certainly get quite difficult to tackle all such situations.

On the other side, if you are taking the services from a good email service provider, then they would make sure that your email campaign is a boom and perhaps all your emails land on the inbox of the users.

They make use of a strictest of rules and perhaps apply them during the email campaigns such that it reaches the destination of the customer effectively without ending up in junk mail.

The reliability factor alone would be enough to convenience you that you don’t use your host for sending email campaigns and perhaps take the benefit of a good email service provider.


Considering the facts that have been mentioned above, we recommend all our users to use a good email marketing service so that you may get a hassle-free experience. By using a professional email marketing service, you would be getting better results from the campaign as well as your campaign would be able to hit customer’s inboxes with more frequency.

This would potentially make your website fast, scalable and secure. Do give your valuable feedback regarding the email marketing service you use or perhaps the queries that you may be having by commenting down below.

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