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My experience deploying a Django back-end to AWS Elastic Beanstalk was not good.

So i decided to create a web app for my father and his business. Since my client was family, I decided to go outside my comfort zone and explore the DR stack, Django back-end, React front-end. The use cases for this site required fast access, so I decided to go with the expensive AWS Elastic Beanstalk to deploy my Django app, (I also used S3 and Cloudfront for React).
I had such a terrible time debugging my various AWS micro-services, whether it was configuring my Elastic Beanstalk environment with my RDS (PostgreSQL) database, running Django migrations with EC2, and reading pages of outdated AWS documentation.
If it wasn't for fellow developers of stackoverflow, I'd never pull off deploying my site, and realizing how outdated the provided documentation was. Especially the docs for EC2 (which now uses Amazon Linux 2, rather than the instance Amazon Linux 1, this lead to a huge overhaul in the provided file structure). Thank you devs for saving me so much time and energy.
I always praised Amazon and AWS for building such amazing software, but I've never grown so frustrated trying to accomplish something so trivial. For that, I will not be one of those people anymore. I'll always be open to using new technology to allow me to grow as a dev, but now I will always be skeptical of tech, especially for renowned companies such as Amazon. To conclude on a brighter note, I now have the confidence to build software in any possible way, as long as I have stackoverflow.

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