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Moh Hidayah Kamarudin
Moh Hidayah Kamarudin

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[GenerasiGigih (My Most Memorable Feedback)]

Like high school students in Indonesia, after graduating from high school, they immediately continue their education to college. Me too, but the situation is different. In my freshman year of high school, I tried six options to enter college, but the results were still not what I wanted.

That's why I tried to postpone college and chose to enroll in the following year while looking for a purpose in life.

But what I did was unusual, I remember when my aunt said I was stupid when my family and I visited her. That moment left a mark on me, because my aunt said that in front of so many people.

But also because of that moment that made me want to prove that I can be a successful person both in education and in life.

After taking part in the university entrance selection the following year, thank God I was accepted as one of the 10 best universities in Indonesia.

One lesson I can take away is, maybe something I don't like is good for me, and maybe something I like isn't good for me. Because in the end Allah SWT plan is the best.



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