Making a Calendar in Vanilla Javascript

Kim Heidorn on April 16, 2019

Arguably, time is the best and worst built-in function in Javascript. For my most recent project, I had the idea to make a bastardized Google cale... [Read Full]
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A good read. Nice to see how you worked through each step of the process. One comment on your post, it would be great to format your code with markdown instead of using screenshots. Cheers


It looks nice but people with their own font sizes will have trouble with it.


Thanks to both of you for the suggestions - I'm an uber noob so for sure need the help to make my posts more readable. Cheers!


FYI, a single line to get the number of days in a month. new Date(year, month+1, 0).getDate(); where month represents a zero-indexed value for the month (January === 0, same as you are expecting above).


Hey Kim,

Thanks for the cool read, I recently did this as an exercise as well to test my skills. I would love to hear your comments on my code and you can check it out here :) I used ul/li tags instead and my vanilla js looks a bit different I tried to implement more ES6 syntax as well.


Making a calendar is a really great exercise to train your js/html/css skills, thanks for sharing your process. I'd like to take a look at the result.
Btw, might be a good example of UI for inspiration.


Thank you, Kim! I really like articles which teaches smth specific. Tired of articles like '10 methods of Arrays', 'ES6 features that you will love', etc. Read the docs.


I'm founder Beta Calendars free online printable calendar website. Could you try this:)

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