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Testing Patterns And Strategies

Our goal at Knock is to empower people to move freely. A large part of achieving that goal is to make real estate transactions as easy and seamless as possible for our customers. Real estate transactions are very complicated. Calling them a "big ball of mud" is being gracious. If we could sum up such transactions up in one image, it would be the image of Charlie Day explaining how a person named Pepe Silvia doesn't exist:

Pepe Silvia does not exist

For us as an engineering team, this translates into a lot of complex business logic. And we want to do our best to make sure that logic is sound. If our logic is faulty it can lead to thousands of dollars of disappointment. We do not want that. Thus, we thoroughly test our code via unit testing.

We are in a growth stage at Knock so we are regularly bringing on new engineers. During this process we have learned that it can be difficult for new engineers to come to grips with our testing code base while at the same time recognizing the patterns and strategies used in our unit tests. As a result, we have started a new open repository that provides lessons for any engineer to learn from and reference. We think this repository fills a gap in the community and are thus making it available for anyone to reference and contribute to:

Have we missed any patterns or strategies? We welcome pull requests to add more. And if you're looking to join a team that cares about the quality of their code, we're hiring!

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