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Finally published my portfolio!! You can check it out here! Would love any constructive, positive feedback on it!


It looks nice -- and it's responsive (the first thing I always try).

I'm not keen on the browser screenshots. I think they'd make a strong impact without the browser UI bits.


Thanks so much!

I'll try the screeenshots without the browser, thank you!


I love the resume! Good design. But I bet you can do better on the Home page, maybe try to have a consistent color scheme as your resume.


Thanks, Ami! I go back and forth on the home page, I wanted to create something that was uniquely 'me', but I'm also concerned it's too out there haha.


Did you create your illustration out of interest? It's awesome :)


Thank you! I did not, credit for the illustrations belongs to undraw: "A constantly updated collection of beautiful svg images that you can use completely free and without attribution." You can pick a primary color to customize them on the site, and some of them I customized further by editing the SVG.


It looks great, Karen! Well done. :)

I'm really impressed by your volunteering. You seem very outgoing.

The typography looks good. I do think there could be a little more connection between your resume and your portfolio, like maybe there could be similar colors, or typography, or font-size.

The home page feels really short. You might want to consider putting your work on the home page, to give more emphasis to your work. Or you could put a call to action at the bottom of the homepage, instead of the resume.


Thank you, Allison!

That's a good point, I'll try to play with the colors and pull in the resume color.

Call to Action might be the way to go on the home page. I also played around with having little work "tiles" on the home page, but didn't want it too cluttered.

Seems like you have a pretty good eye for design, so I'm sure you'll think of something great. :)

Thank you so much!! This comment made my day! 💜

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