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Is a design overhaul a failure if you need to offer a toggle?

koabrook profile image Koa ・1 min read

Iterative UX design is a staple of the modern web and every few years it seems like our favourite services get a substantial UI update. I've noticed that nearly every time a big UX update comes out, a toggle to switch between the old design and new is included or even demanded for by users. So, do you think a UX redesign that needs a toggle is a failure, or are users always going to want the old version back for a while after launch? Is a staged rollout or beta access the best way to slowly introduce such an update?

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Matt Kimek

My answer: you will have bunch of new people wanted to try new stuff like me and most of the time we will send you a feedback. Therefore you will have quality feedback from old time customers.
In dev we have saying 'kill it with fire' to ex. kill old code . If you would like to make fast progress you shouldn't be afraid of change. However we have unit testing, functional testing, integration testing and other things to test our big code changes. UX/UI big changes doesn't have that yet, I mean is not accessible and so common (ex visual UX algorithm path) therefore is better to get feedback from customers. Sometimes they will just not like it and you need to scrap half year of work. It's the business