Mint 🌿 The programming language for writing single page applications (SPA)

Vic Shóstak on March 14, 2020

Introduction Hello! 👋 Today, I will tell you story about Mint lang, very young (but interesting) programming language focused on buildin... [Read Full]
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It's kind of crazy to think we've come so far as to need entire languages specifically intended for building SPAs, but I think this seems to be quite useful and I was impressed by some of its features.


The author does not like Elm so much that he even put "Why not Elm" in the official guide for the Mint language. No thanks. That's too much.

BTW what Mint makes different from TypeScript + React and friends?


BTW what Mint makes different from TypeScript + React and friends?

Hmm.. I'm not author of Mint lang and don't know that 🤷‍♂️

But I think, it's different way to write code (and build SPA/Frontend). Because in my opinion, Mint is something like template engine (Pug, for example) with some logic, who's compiling to browser's standard format (html, js, css).

So, it's wrong to compare TypeScript and Mint lang directly like this.


Very good news, I was waiting for a language for the web different than JavaScript.

Not so mature yet, but impressive list of features for a recently born language.
Definitely going to give it a try.


Wow! How to call him? Interesting 😉


I'm honestly surprised about the fact that there is a language specifically used to design SPAs!
But to be honest I don't think it is going to be used as much as JavaScript is used.


Syntax and Readability are very easy to understand. I will surely make some time to give it a try.


looks like a gamer changer
thx for sharing such a great thing


Wait for state management built in feature :D


What about browser support?


It compiles to Preact SPA template.


Looks very simple and interesting, but I'm not sure if I like the syntax 🤔


Very nice!
Communication with server: mint-lang.com/blog/handling-http-r...
What about Web Sockets?

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