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Celebrate quitting

Companies celebrate when people join. They post on LinkedIn. They post photos of great swag. They send introductory mails to co-workers.

All what is missing is fireworks.

But, sometimes co-workers quit.

People quit their company for various reasons. Some bad, like terrible projects or leaders. Some quiet good. Maybe a new, exciting opportunity in a different part of the economy. Maybe, the person wants to try something new.

Who knows?

Regardless of the reasons, we - as leaders - should treat quitting the same way we treat joining.

In an open, honest, and transparent way.

Otherwise, people will fill this information vacuum with rumors. And we can be sure, that these rumors will be worse than the true story.

My suggestion is to - at least - write a short mail to the co-workers.

Talk about the person's growth and about the person's impact on other people. Remember the successes, projects and challenges. Recall some funny anecdotes. But be careful, that this is indeed funny and not embarrassing.

And do not forget to thank the leaving person. Don't resent that you are losing a colleague. If you are sad, that a person quit, then this is a testimony to the quitter.

Don't be happy because you are losing a valuable colleague. But be happy for that person, because her journey continues. And remember: it is a small world. Leavers may come back later.

So, let's make sure the door stays open.

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