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Discussion on: Career Advice for Junior Developers

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Khoi Hoang

Not to bash your ideas, but the I never had a good experience by asking questions during the intern. The senior developer got pissed. I had to learn the hard way to keep grinding and shut my mouth. It's like I could ask once in a day only.

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I had the same experience but later realized both a senior dev and the team lead who both have had 10+ years of experience in this company had no idea how the platform they were using works. At least in part this is why they were unable to help when I had questions.

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Richard S Prins Jr.

Just because that was your experience doesn't mean Jr. Devs have to look forward to this type of response from a senior.. they gatekeep any true progression that way. Sr devs should always be a beacon of trust and help, otherwise they have no place in a team setting. They can be asshole freelancers all they want, it wouldnonky free up more jotmbs at the very least lol

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Tyler Hawkins Author

Sorry to hear that was your experience. Senior engineers (or anyone, really) would be wise to react in a better way than that. The unfortunate truth is that there are toxic workplace environments and toxic employees out there, and it sounds like you found one.