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Discussion on: Announcing the Grant For The Web Hackathon on DEV

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Artem Kondratev

After reading about Web Monetization I honestly have to express my, very likely unpopular, opinion.

This is horrible. Honestly. This is 'loot boxes' mechanics brought from the worst of games and buffed to absolute. Not only services will rely on microtransactions that are harder to resist for certain people - they will become a stream, money will flow from you without any sane control of your budget.

Do I have to point out that even now many services make all and every attempt to keep you on their page? Well with WM in play - this will only get worse.

Should I mention governmental 'parent control' problem? The moment this thing becomes popular governments of many countries will start to implement all kinds of regulations that will result in more borders, control etc as a result making the internet less free and open. Net neutrality? Forget it.

This is terrible idea that does not really solve any problem at all.

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☞ Desigan Chinniah ☜ • Edited on

Thanks for taking time to relay your thoughts and opinions, Artem. They are all welcome.

We are very early in this journey — and a number of folks from various organizations are involved in the discussion which includes challenging decisions and making this better and better, like any good standards process.

Perhaps you could add your voice to the various discussions starting with the WICG thread.

UPDATE: Also, @adrianhopebailie can likely point to other places for discussion.