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Mino Karadzhov
Mino Karadzhov

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Searching for work-study-training balance...

Dear Dev Fellows,
There is something that is bothering me for the last few months. I would describe myself as a very active person, for my age - 18.
I am in my senior year at High-School(Unfortunately the educational system in my country is so poor, so we don't do nothing at school,LITERALLY NOTHING), in addition to this I work part-time and I am trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle trough weight-lifting and dieting.

Tech and coding are big part of my passion and future plans, since I was in 5 grade. About an year ago, I started to take classes at TeamTreehouse online coding school. There I began with iOS development and later switched to Full - Stack JavaScript.

So, Long story- short, I feel like the whole knowledge gained from there is knowledge without practice. When it comes to practice, I don't have any ideas how to put the whole knowledge into action.

So here is the first question - Could you suggest effective methods of practice while learning?

Second problem I have is that, due to the fact that i have a lot of things happening, just because I've made my choice for active lifestyle, I often get to the point where, I don't have energy (sometimes time) or the possibility to focus in order to code. Great example is school - Because we don't do nothing all day long, everybody are talking and laughting loudly in the classrooms, which is making focusing on a problem something really hard and impossible for me.

*So here is the second question - Could you, cool people, suggest a way of boosting this energy for some real studying and is there a way of focusing in such environment? *

This is the first time, I'm reaching the community, so I really hope if someone could give me a hand with those struggles.

Thanks for your time!

Happy Holidays,
Mino :)

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