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Jira CLI: New version adds support for on-premise jira installation

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🔥 [WIP] Feature-rich interactive Jira command line.

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Feature-rich Interactive Jira Command Line

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🚧 This project is still a work in progress 🚧
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JiraCLI is an interactive command line tool for Atlassian Jira that will help you avoid Jira UI to some extent. This tool is not yet considered complete but has all the essential features required to improve your workflow with Jira.

The tool started with the idea of making issue search and navigation as straightforward as possible. However, with the help of outstanding supporters like you, we evolved, and the tool now includes all necessary features like issue creation, cloning, linking, ticket transition, and much more.

Supported platforms

Note that some features might work slightly differently in cloud installation versus on-premise installation due to the nature of the data. Yet, we've attempted to make the experience as similar as possible.

Platform LinuxmacOSWindows
Jira Jira CloudJira Server


jira-cli is available as a downloadable binary for Linux, macOS, and…

A new version of Jira CLI, v0.1.0, is now available with most requested support for the on-premise jira installation.

What's Changed

  • feat: On-premise/local jira installation is almost fully supported 🎉
  • feat: Allow Tab to toggle focus between the sidebar and the contents screen
  • feat: Command to generate UNIX style man pages for section 7
  • fix: Cursor in terminal disappears if command exits with error
  • Some minor enhancements, fixes and upgrades

Full change log can be found in the release page.

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