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Discussion on: My love-hate relationship with JavaScript

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Konstantin Klima

I am strongly on the hate side, to be honest.
This doesn't mean I don't respect JS - I would be a fool not to, given that it literally powers the web. However, I like to keep as far away from it as I possibly can.

This is due to two things:

The first is this:

Yet another framework syndrome, new frameworks and libraries are invented
on a daily basis

This I think is one of the biggest problems in tech currently, and I think JS ecosystem is very much to blame for it. This ties in with a debate that's pretty common on DEV, about the differences between being self taught or going to a boot camp and actually going for a CS degree.

People get stuck in this loop of constantly learning frameworks rather than concepts, which in turn gives them a false sense of knowledge (the opposite of the imposter syndrome), which in turn leads them to ideas of grandeur.
I am not saying you shouldn't hack at anything, but I think that there is definitely a lack of awareness and focus in the JS community.

The second thing is the fact that the damn thing just doesn't act the way you would expect in a lot of cases. The most apparent example I can think off the top of my head is console.log() of objects printing only the last state (for instance in a loop) instead of printing the current state of the object when the method is called.

Of course, all languages have their quirks, but in my experience, out of around ten languages I wrote code in, only JS had me breaking my head over things that were just plain illogical.

Again, I'm not saying "abandon JS and burn it 'cus it's the worst language in history", I just think the industry as a whole needs to find a way to cope with the bad parts of JS legacy, especially as most applications are getting executed on client machines rather than servers.

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Deepu K Sasidharan Author • Edited on

Konstantin Klima, You might have a point there.