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Lucky is lightning fast!

TechEmpower just posted Round #20 of their Web Framework benchmarks and Lucky Framework (that runs on Crystal Language) is in it, thanks to work done by @matthewmcgarvey (Great job on the benchmark!).

Pretty solid result! Especially if you only consider "Full-stack" frameworks and not micro-stuff.

  1. In the Crystal-land Lucky is near the top. And in non-crystal-land too.
  2. The main speed-competitor in Crystal-land is Raze framework( which has been retired). Lucky's speed is comparable to most other Crystal frameworks: Kemal, Spider-Gazelle, Onyx & Amber (all did pretty well on speed thanks to Crystal 😄 )
  3. The most important comparison for me is against true full-featured frameworks like Rails, Hanami, Phoenix, Django, Symphony, Grails, Spring, Prologue, etc. And Lucky is doing really well there

If you go to the main page, there are ~250 benchmark results for every web-framework under the sun. However, that's too many results for my taste 😄 i.e. things like "" on the list are too purpose specific for me or anything I would do in a normal course of things, developing an enterprise or user-facing web application.

I'm currently considering a Full-Stack Framework for a small web-based enterprise-type project and deciding between Phoenix, Lucky & Rails. Each has its own strengths for my use-case. So this particular comparison is more of an interest to me, based on frameworks & languages that I've had exposure to or would even consider for such an application. Take a look at the benchmark, and I hope you give Lucky Framework a spin.

Frameworks Comparison List

Take these benchmarks with a grain of salt.

  1. Not all frameworks that are on the list are properly optimized.
  2. Speed is only one aspect that should be under consideration
  3. Ecosystem, dev experience and productivity are all more important than speed in most cases.
  4. Having said that ⬆️, Lucky ticks all 3 boxes for me.

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Jeremy Woertink

Thanks for the writeup! We hope to keep that momentum going, and see it get faster and better over time.

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No, thank you! 😃