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Discussion on: Do you use Linux?

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Carl-Erik Kopseng

I was like ... eh ... what, that isn't true too when I read that. But I just recently realized there is no editorial process on so anyone can post any statement without facts backing it up, so here we go 🤠 I remember starting to hear about how next year might be The Year of Linux on the Desktop, winning normal folks over, way back in 2000. People (magazines, really) started shutting up about it before 2010 realising that this never materialized and never will. The closest Linux has been to being deployed on every desktop computer is ironically Windows and the WSL. Quite the irony in the end 😁 I started using Linux in 1999 (RH6) to free me from the shackles of the buggy Windows 98 SE. I never stopped using Linux, but two decades later I have gone full circle and I am now back on Windows to get away from the buggy GUI software on Linux 😂 Still mainly running all my tooling in the WSL2, of course ❤️

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Alex Georgiev

I believe that people should take advantage of both Linux and Windows if they can speed up their daily tasks or to create more content and use any software that is not available for Linux or Windows. Generally speaking, people should not choose to give up on any of both but maybe learn how to not to fully depend on any of them.