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Serverless of the future

Serverless, oh so much in this word.

I made this prediction 5 years ago:

Serverless is a great idea. But all the current implementations won't gonna win.

But let's talk about Docker first.

The overnight success of Docker happened because it was open, versatile, and vendor independent. I could deploy the same Dockerfile in premises, my local computer, or a cloud without code change.

But then AWS Lambda was marketed as a Docker killer. And people bought it.

The idea of serverless is great, but I can't run Google cloud function in AWS or vice versa.

Similar, I can't reliably run any of them on my laptop just like that, without any modifications.

Your serverless functions needs a Dockerfile of its own, say Functionfile.

Is there a Functionfile initiative to run serverless functions on ANY platform? I'd like to join. If not, then we have to create one.

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