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CookieCutter based project generator on the web

I have recently started a few Django projects, mostly to play around with some new tech and automate some of my workflows.

Then I thought, that there is cookiecutter project that should automate most part of project creation.

While this is a great and very useful tool, I don't like to answer questions line by line in terminal to generate a project.

I wanted a web interface for that.

In several hours I came up with a solution and it resides here:

Python and Python-Django projects are included in available templates. After feeling form with questions (taken from templates' cookiecutter.json) and clicking Generate, you get ZIP archive with your new project.

Wish it will be useful for at least somebody.

Feedback is welcome.

Contact me here or on twitter to provide feedback and/or feature requests.

@all, have a great day!

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