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React Recipe App

So Today, we're gonna start what we planned yeasterday: the ReactJs Projects, and we're gonna beggin with Recipe App.

So For The Api, we're gonna be using th MealDb Api, it has some good stuff, although somethings mught be tricky to get, but it's fine,

for the features the app will provide, basically it:
-will have a sign in and login/ log out to the app.
-each user will have a personal section for the favorites
-it will have a search for meals input:
-this will be many filtering methods: by name, by region,
maybe by ingredients and so on...
-mealas will be displayed as cards, each card will be showing
onClick a modal showing the details of the meal.

Big Bonus Feature: -user can create his own recipies, and we will another section for user's created recipies.

note: initialy: not all the features will be avialble, but by time we will work on them one by one, the projects will be commited to github with each feature added, so you can get a look at it, we'll look for a nice design and we'll satrt working tomorow.

Thank you all,

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