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How was DockerCon 2020

Hello dev people,

Dockercon 2020 was truly a huge success to me, with a great team and a well organized plan behind the scene. I assume that the organisation was not very easy, but the team nailed it. Since this year's dockercon was made online, all I had to do to attend was to register and that's it. It was fairly easy for me to switch between the different talks from time to time. I imagine it would have been a costly task for me to join this conference physically, but since it was made virtual, I could easily join it and give my personal opinions on how it all went.

The fact that all these developers and docker captains, from different regions of the globe, were sharing their knowledge about particular topics in the docker world, is truly fascinating to me.

Some of the talks that really intrigued me:

Although I could not attend the conference till the end, I will make it a must to watch all talks on YouTube sooner or later. Personally, I think there should be more conferences like this one since it gives people the opportunity to start coding and for those who already code, it gives them the chance of getting hands dirty with live DEVs sessions and at the same time, learn the best practices of their technology. We all know how documentation can become tedious at some point, but watching a conference can wipe out the tedious part of it.

I was, simultaneously, following the hashtags on social media platforms and I can say that there was a really big crowd of developers watching
the conference.

Some of the hashtags you can check out:


Having said all this, let me point out that these were all opinions from my point of view on DockerCon 2020.


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