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re: For me: Read before go to bed. Study at least 1 hour by day. Write one article on my blog --- weekly. Keep updated my personal trello.

Wow, that's a very ambitious habit plan. After reading that you are a father of 2, studying 1 hour a day sounds even more impressive. How do you manage to take that time?


Yeah, it's an ambitious habit plan but nothing is easy when you are adapting to.

About managing my schedule is not hard for me (seriously), because of the 1-hour studying every day is at night from Monday to Friday, and weekends pretty early. During workdays I try to start to study at 8:30 PM - 9:00 PM this is after I share 3 hours with my family, some days I play chess 25 minutes trying to do something different to disconnect (I'm sorry, I like playing chess although I'm a terrible player). One thing that is helpful is that my current job is 15 minutes walking from home then I don't spend a lot of time going/coming back home.

One trick that I'm using is the reminders, for instance, I have one alarm from Monday to Friday at 9 pm that recalls me to study, is very useful when I'm distracted.

Another thing that is important to mention is that every week I review whether my actual schedule works or not, so I don't have for now a final version of it.

The others taks that I put in my main comment but read before go to bed, I'm doing in my job. I hope explained well, as you see it's not rocket science. Thanks a lot for your time reading :D

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