How to make portfolio if you are a beginner frontend developer?

kozorezv profile image Vasily Kozorez ・1 min read

To get first job you must have a portfolio. But... How can you make a portfolio if you didn't actually work yet?! It becomes even more intricately, if you learning Frontend. Why? Because when you're a designer, you just sign up on Behance and upload pictures. In other way, if you're a developer you can show your code on github. But we are Frontend developers, which means that both picture and code are important for us. I faced this challenge too and here's the solution.

It called Github Pages. As you probably understood, this is a service from Github. And it allows you to make a site from your repository! Yeah, it is that simple! You just upload your directory and after a few simple actions you receive a free hosted site with the ability to show how your work looks and it's code. That's all. Hope, this small piece of my experience will help someone. Good luck with your first real project! And always remember to share knowledge with inexperienced ones.


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maaaaaaaaan!! this is just awesome. I was looking for this idea for weeks..i am a self-taught junior front-end web developer. thank you a lot for this!!


Happy to be helpfull. How is your progress?


Great bro!! it's not easy but still now, i am OK with it. Because, I love programming... it is just fun!!