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re: Thank God, doctors and pilots do not share this point of view. If I compare myself to someone, or compete with, I would choose the person like Eins...

No one is saying that mistakes are meaningless or can be swept away without concern. Mistakes are action items and opportunities to grow as professional and as individuals.

Consider this excerpt from @dstarner 's original post:

No matter how much we prepare, we will make mistakes, that's just a part of life. What matters is how we face those mistakes and issues, and the tenacity we bring to making software better.

Having lofty expectations for yourself is fine, but for a lot of people, failing to reach those lofty personal expectations leads to severe stress and anxiety. Learning to cope with your mistakes and grow is an important personal development skill. Many people can be paralyzed for fear of making a mistake, and this post (as I understood it) seeks to alleviate some of that paralysis.


I agree with this completely. I'm pretty sure you just summed up my thoughts better than my post did 😂

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