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Improve SPA performance by splitting your Angular libraries in multiple chunks

Take advantage of ng-packagr's secondary entry points

Angular is an awesome framework. We all love it 😍

One thing that makes Angular successful and excellent at the same time is the vast community and the value it provides. There are a lot of Angular meetups, blogs, conferences, and of course, libraries.

Nowadays, thanks to the Angular CLI, libraries are easy to create. They are a great way to share code across multiple applications.

Since they can be used in many places, performance is a critical aspect. A library that doesn’t perform can slow down multiple applications!

In Frontend, there are different types of performance. Runtime performance and initial load. In this article, we will focus on initial load.

While providing and maintaining various libraries and a UI framework for a big enterprise, I encountered some not so apparent pitfalls and ways to deal with them.

I think it’s worth sharing some of those experiences.

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