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Flex "Global" RSLs

I am looking into deploying our custom libraries in flex in a "Global RSL Library" fashion. I'm not sure how exactly to describe what we're trying to do but I'm going to give it a shot.

In every example I've found thus far, when using RSLs, the path specified at compilation is either:

1) Relative to the deployment path of the application (swf)

2) An absolute path.

Due to our development process and site layout, neither of these above methods of using an RSL is ideal. What I am hoping to find a solution for, is specifying a relative path for an RSL in relation to the web root.

e.g. if I specify /libs/rsl.swf as my path, when launching my swf located at the swf will access the RSL at location

The problem we are trying to avoid in option 1 is that our swf files are located in varying directories all over our site, and to have duplicate copies of the libraries all over is redundant, and makes updates to our libraries more difficult as we have to make sure to deploy in every path where the RSL exists.

Option 2 (Absolute path) does not work especially well either in that our code is tested and QAd in varying environments (but only compiled once in our dev environment) - so specifying our absolute production RSL URL in addition failover URLs for every environment prior to production has a very high margin for error, and as far as I can tell, compile options are not something that can be reviewed in our QA process (to ensure that the developer [me] put in the correct production RSL path)

Is what am I attempting to accomplish understood? I cannot be the first person that has wanted to be able to do something like this, have I simply overlooked the solution on the interweb?

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