Discussion on: Being alone in the programming world is really bad.

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Those are very good points that reflect an unfortunate reality for me as well, made worse by the fact that I'm not a programmer interested in programming, with a professional circle of security people and a social circle that is entirely non-technical. Another important thing that you don't address is the social aspect of it all.

I'm not talking about the points that you already mentioned, such as a lack of feedback or slower learning, but the purely social aspect of it - to put it blunt, the lack of shitposting. If you're stuck with a frustrating problem or having a bad day just chatting with like-minded people about this and that is a good way to relief some of the negative feelings . That, combined with seeing other people working on their projects, can be a tremendous boost for your own progress.

To end this comment on a more positive note: From my experience with communities existing around a specific topics you are interested in, DEV being an example, you eventually make these social connections on your own. You meet the same people in the comments, follow them on social media and more often than not you'll end up in a group chat that you regularly hang out in. Luckily the problem you describe is one that tends to solve itself to some extent.